Posts @ Akashgarud : The Role Of Visitors On Your Website

A good Website will of course bring you a good traffic on daily basis! As it looks so easy to say but it is tough to bring that handsome traffic with new and old visitors daily. SEO experts says – A website in way to appear in Google, within top 10 rankings must have a hygienic traffic on daily basis. They Read more...

Where Creativity hasn't been bounded by any individual, Where Website Design has become a passion to everyone, Akashgarud itself represent a hub for Web Designers and experts.

Akashgarud is a Web Designing and Web Development Company in India, An Agency for its reputed Clients, Contractors and Outsourcing Companies from USA. UK, AUS. We help our customers to design their first Business Website as well as in redesigning and maintaining their old website pages as well.

We have advantages over Media Website Design, Custom CMS Websites, Online Shopping Websites, Penny Stock Websites, Appointment Websites etc.

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Our variety of services include - Basic Website Design, Custom CMS Website Design and Development, Online Shopping, Payment Gateways, Database Management, Logo Designing, Photoshop Image Editing, Flyer Design etc. This suite combine itself in to a complete service package. Ask For A Quote Now!

Techologies - zend framework, PHP/MySQL, Wordpress, Paypal, Sage Pay

Our developers know how to code? and what to code for? We love to talk and Code With PHP. In present more than 90% of the companies love to code and play with PHP and PHP friendly platforms.

PHP codes are more easy to run on web servers and reduce the time lapse between the nested and continous queries that run during the user interaction on your website.

Every website has its life and you can make it live til longer by doing good hygenic SEO. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) can make your site more searchable and more visible to readers.

As every website never has a goal to earn business, it can also have some good information for internet readers, so until you make it visible to them you can't get traffic.

Exposing your business like a brand will help you increasing your Business Value. Like as others, you must have experienced that people would like to buy Brand Products other than individuals.

As Business Branding is one way to increase public recognition and exposure, it can help you engage with customers, clients and create a network connection